For nearly 15 years, our firm's founding lawyer, Rebecca Grey, has focused exclusively on advocating on behalf of her clients against insurance companies which have improperly delayed, denied and terminated legitimate claims. Whereas the insurance companies seek to profit at the expense of their clients, Ms. Grey assists her clients in getting what they paid for from the insurance companies. All too often insurance benefits represent the only protection between her clients and financial catastrophe. In providing our firm's clients with legal services, Ms. Grey has extensive expertise in disability, long-term care, health, property and life insurance claims, both under state insurance law as well as under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA. This work has rightfully gained Ms. Grey the reputation as an attorney who cares about her clients and helps them when they are at their most vulnerable. Rebecca is well aware that many of her clients are mourning the loss of their profession due to a disability, and to have an insurance company fail to come through with the protection insurance promises only adds to the sense of loss and desperation. Clients who retain our firm can be reassured that a compassionate and zealous advocate will stand up for them with the skills not only to climb, but to dismantle, the stone walls insurance companies erect.

For a comprehensive biography and history of Ms. Grey's career, please read her detailed profile.

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