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We fight improper conduct by insurance companies on behalf of insurance policyholders.

Our clients often come to us angry and confused. They paid their insurance premiums, so why won't the insurance company hold up their end of the bargain? We help our clients understand that many insurance companies make their extraordinary profits by taking people's money and then denying valid claims. Our San Francisco disability attorneys work closely and personally with each one of our clients to understand their case and to aggressively pursue the insurance they deserve.

San Francisco Disability Attorney

We level the playing field for our clients by fighting to force the insurance companies to honor their contractual obligations. Insurance companies often refuse to help their customers with respect to disability claims, health care denials, long-term care and even legal defenses. These refusals break the promise of good faith and fair dealing that the insurance companies made to our clients when they accepted our clients' money.

Sometimes policyholders can get support and help from the brokers and agents who sold them the policy. Unfortunately, sometimes, these brokers and agents are themselves not without blame. We also help our clients hold negligent brokers and agents accountable.

We also provide all of our legal services with an eye to giving our clients value. As a "micro-boutique," we implement a modern "leaner and meaner" model of advocacy through the use of technology and reduced overhead. This reduces the costs of litigation without sacrificing representation our clients recognize as the Gold Standard. Our goal is to provide our clients boutique legal services at the small-firm price.

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