About Our Dedicated Law Firm In San Francisco

As a much leaner and younger firm, The Grey Law Firm, PC, provides its clients with cost-effective, results-oriented lawyering. We understand how to function as a paperless office, interacting with clients and courts through the most recent technology. As a micro-boutique, we eliminate the expenses that bloat litigation costs which ultimately reduce the recovery for the client. As an agile, knowledgeable and experienced firm, we maintain the ability to fight the largest insurance industry firms, but on our own terms. With efficient practices and focused strategies, we can beat the insurance companies at their game.

Serving The Disabled, Fighting The Insurance Industry

When you are fighting with an insurance company, the first thing you need to understand is that the insurance company has a set of determined strategies designed to prevent you from reaping the benefits of your insurance contract and getting what you paid for. In this way, the insurance companies unfairly inflate their profits.

The Grey Law Firm, PC, is one of the few woman-led firms that fights state bad faith insurance practices. Founding attorney Rebecca Grey has nearly two decades of legal experience fighting on behalf of individuals against large corporations. She understands how insurance companies operate, and she can explain to you how to best attack them. Our prime directive is to hold these insurance companies accountable for their wrongdoing and prevent them from doing so again in the future.

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You can speak with an experienced San Francisco attorney about your disability insurance questions by calling us at 415-766-0653. You can also contact us online to schedule a completely free and entirely confidential initial consultation with our firm's founding lawyer, Rebecca Grey.