Handling Long-Term Care Issues for Those In the San Francisco, California, Area

We buy long-term care (LTC) insurance in order to protect ourselves and our families from the financial burdens of taking care of us when we can no longer do it ourselves. LTC claimants have usually made the life-altering decision to accept outside help, either in a residential care facility or for individual care at home. Some insurance companies take advantage of the stress and difficulties facing LTC claimants and their families with onerous requirements not contained in the contract. Indeed, many LTC insurers are well aware that many families faced with a LTC claim denial, no matter how egregious, may lack the financial and psychological resources to dispute an improper denial.

Need Legal Counsel In San Francisco Regarding Long-Term Care?

That is where The Grey Law Firm, PC, comes in. We assist people in fighting those insurance companies who fail to cover appropriate nursing, residential or home care. We work hard to hold them accountable for their violations of the law and their shameless exploitation of the most vulnerable members of our society, including the elderly.

In fact, our firm understands in particular the intersection between insurance law and elder law when it comes to enforcing insurance contracts. Our clients are often aged parents whose children want to hold an insurance company responsible for its wrongful denial of a claim for long-term care. We regularly represent clients in the following areas:

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