Broker And Agent Claims In San Francisco

Many people who buy insurance do so with the help of an insurance agent or broker. These professionals can be instrumental in assisting with the sometimes maddeningly confusing application process. Unfortunately, sometimes agents and brokers we trust to help us provide accurate and complete information make mistakes. Sometimes they even make outright misrepresentations while filling out insurance paperwork. When that happens it can result in problems receiving benefits. Broker negligence can even lead to the rescission (voiding) of the entire policy after a claim has been submitted. Located in San Francisco, The Grey Law Firm, PC, can assist client with holding the right party or parties accountable, including agents and brokers.

The most common situation we see involves an agent or broker who has been told information by an applicant that, if included in the application, would disqualify the applicant for insurance coverage. Nevertheless, the agent or broker will fill out the application on behalf of the applicant or even affirmatively direct the applicant not to include the problematic information. This practice allows the insurance company to still collect premiums, but later deny coverage on the supposed "concealment" of information by the applicant.

Holding Insurance Brokers And Agents Responsible For Their Actions

At The Grey Law Firm, PC, we have heard this story many, many times. We can help you understand when the insurance company actually does owe you your insurance benefits. We can help you remedy an error made by a broker or an agent which resulted in an adverse insurance outcome. If your insurance company has told you that it will not pay you the benefits you contracted for, call us at Grey Law and we can help you understand if you have a claim.

Contact An Insurance Agent And Broker Claims Attorney

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