Representing Clients With Disability Claims In San Francisco

Disability insurance protects insureds against financial collapse in the event one becomes too injured or sick to continue working. Typically, disability policies provide a portion of one's pre-disability income where the insured can no longer work in the same way he or she used to. There are typically two different definitions of "total disability." The first provides benefits if the insured can no longer perform the material and substantial duties of his or her "own occupation" in the usual and customary manner with reasonable continuity. The other protects against disability from "any occupation" for which the insured is qualified by training, education and experience which reflects one's station in life.

There is a misperception that "total disability" implies total incapacity. This is a fallacy that the insurance companies capitalize on. Insurance companies utilize a menu of dirty tricks to try to force legitimately disabled insureds off claim. For example, the company might require the insured produce nonexistent medical documentation. It might claim the disability is not a physical one, but really a mental or psychological problem. The insurance company might pay a doctor to examine the claimant only to say that the claimant could do some, unidentified "sedentary" work. Insurance companies often spy on their own insureds, capturing some harmless activity and exaggerating the physical aspects of what was observed.

At The Grey Law Firm, PC, we are well familiar with these schemes and use them to our clients' advantage. We expose these practices along with the pressure insurance company executives put on the claims staff to terminate and deny as many claims as possible to burnish their own bottom line.

Fight Back Against The Insurance Industry In San Francisco

Even if the insurance company does pay you, it may not pay you the full value of your claim. In other words, your claim becomes what is called "underpaid." Insurance companies do everything possible to reduce the amount they have to pay in benefits. They do this by undervaluing pre-disability benefits, by taking improper offsets from benefits and by requiring claimants to apply for Social Security Disability.

The Grey Law Firm, PC, makes it possible for you to beat the insurance companies at this game. We already know the dirty tricks and traps that the insurance companies are going to use on you. We know their playbook.

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