Denied Health Care In San Francisco?

More and more of our clients are dealing with insurance companies wrongfully denying health care claims with the broad array of bogus explanations.

The vocabulary these companies use when wrongfully denying legitimate health insurance claims is familiar to any insurance consumer. This vocabulary often includes the following phrases:

  • Coverage not provided in the policy
  • Not medically necessary
  • Not authorized
  • Experimental

Representing Clients Throughout San Francisco

At The Grey Law Firm, PC, we know these patterns because we represent clients who bring examples of them to us every day. As with other business strategies regarding the wrongful denial of legitimate insurance claims, health insurance companies understand that they can unfairly inflate their profits if they deny valid claims. Their business plan is built on the assumption that most people will not contest their denials. Of those who do dispute the denial, only a smaller percentage of those will actually hire an attorney who understands how the insurance company's business plan works. We see the sandbagging, delays and denials for what they are and can help remedy these wrongs.

Wrongfully Denied Health Insurance Claims

For these reasons, you want to hire The Grey Law Firm, PC. Our firm's founding lawyer, Rebecca Grey, has many years of experience representing clients whose health insurance claims have been denied. Our firm understands how to resolve these disputes both in and out of court, either at trial or in negotiations, on a contingency or hourly basis. Our clients can confidently rely on Ms. Grey's understanding of how these insurance companies work, both financially and practically, when they are attempting to deny a health insurance claim.

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