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Insurance is one of the few things people buy which they hope never to use. We purchase insurance for the peace of mind it provides as protection against calamity. People pay premiums in exchange for a promise that the insurance company will pay all legitimate claims promptly and fully. The law in California recognizes the important role insurance plays in our society and attaches protective rules and regulations to protect insureds. These include the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which is implied by law in every insurance contract. This boils down several simple tenets. The insurance companies must place the interests of the insured on the same level as their own. They must investigate all bases to pay a claim thoroughly. They must do whatever they can to assist the claimant in perfecting the claim. They must rely on accurate, unbiased information and not rely on speculation. They must tell the truth.

In other words, because insurance companies play such an important role in protecting people they are required to deal with people fairly and in good faith for the good of the entire society. When an insurance company fails to behave fairly and in good faith, there are protections and remedies to correct these violations. The San Francisco attorneys at The Grey Law Firm, PC, are experts in wielding those legal protections to get our clients justice against the insurance companies.

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In support of our clients' rights, the state of California offers special protections for consumers with respect to the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. These protections, though, like much of the law, are highly technical. To enjoy these protections, it is best that you be represented by an experienced attorney.

Few attorneys, however, have experience in battling the insurance companies over these issues. The insurance companies themselves are well-financed and well-lawyered. They know how to overwhelm lawyers who are not familiar with this battlefield's terrain.

Our firm, however, does have the litigation experience a firm needs to battle the insurance companies. As a former partner at a large, well-known insurance coverage firm, our firm's founding attorney, Rebecca Grey, saw that regular people needed a more cost-effective way of receiving their legal services so that they could fight their battle successfully. To that end, we have built our law firm with an eye to keeping costs trim and providing high-level legal services to all of our clients.

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