Need Help With Long-Term Care Denial Issue? Our Attorneys Serve Clients Throughout San Francisco

The financial burden of providing long-term care for our aging parents is tremendous, and the wrongful denial of these long-term care insurance claims causes our clients unjust financial burdens. Not surprisingly, these financial burdens often aggravate an already emotionally painful home life and difficult family decisions become even more difficult.

Fighting For The Elderly Who Cannot Fight For Themselves

The Grey Law Firm, PC, can provide very concrete results for our clients and their loved ones. We know the games the long-term care insurance companies play, and we can provide you with knowledgeable legal advice on how to handle those games.

You may already have seen how the insurance game works. The insurance company may rely on biased nurses or doctors to justify a denial of needed care. Dishonest insurance companies may apply requirements regarding what facility your loved one can go to which are not contained in the policy. Excessive demands for unnecessary or duplicative documentation is another tried and true method for wearing down LTC consumers. Indeed, the insurance companies are aware that the family members assisting their loved one are already overwhelmed and lacking the resources to fight back.

Do NOT give up! Instead, call us at The Grey Law Firm, PC. We will take over this grueling process for you. Our job is to make the insurance company live up to its end of the bargain. We know how to use the protections afforded to LTC consumers, including state elder abuse statutes and attorney's fees provisions so as to maximize the proceeds you receive from the insurance company.

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