San Francisco Life Insurance Claims

We purchase life insurance to protect those who lose a loved one against the financial catastrophe that can accompany the emotional catastrophe of death. The life insurance claimant is almost always in crisis and is sadly unprepared for the shabby treatment so many of our clients suffer. In order to avoid paying valid claims, insurers will look for any possible loophole in the policy. The most frequent bad faith tactic is when the insurance company contends that there was a misrepresentation in the application which it then uses to rescind, or void, the contract entirely.

This is referred to as "post-claim underwriting" in the industry. The insurance company accepts the application and conducts no investigation of the applicant until a claim is submitted. At that point, the insurance company then scours the application for even the smallest of mistakes or errors. The insurance company uses these mistakes or errors to say that the claimant did not disclose information to the insurance company and, as a result, the insurance contract is void and it has no obligation to pay the claim.

In challenging an improper policy rescission The Grey Law Firm, PC, examines not only the insurance company's actions, but on those of the brokers and agents who may have sold the policy as well. It is not unusual for a broker or agent to make mistakes in completing life insurance applications negligently, or in the worst cases, deliberating in order to make the commission.

For this reason, Grey Law always wants to know if an agent filled out the form on behalf of our clients.

Insurance companies also exploit every possible exclusion to improperly deny claims. If you suspect your life insurance claim has been delayed or denied without good reason, contact an attorney at The Grey Law Firm, PC, for a free consultation.

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