When Insurers Fail To Defend Their Insureds

All insurance companies have an obligation under law to put their customers' interests ahead of their own when it comes to paying out a claim. This obligation includes the insurance company's duty to defend its customers in court when necessary. Often, however, insurance companies ignore their responsibilities under the law. When insurance companies wrongfully fail to defend their customers, they expose themselves to legal liability for that failure to defend.

Serving Clients Throughout The San Francisco Bay Area

The Grey Law Firm, PC, has provided legal advice to a number of different participants involved in suing an insurance company for its wrongful failure to defend its insured, including:

  • Other attorneys, both plaintiffs' and defendants' counsel
  • Insureds and defendants
  • Third parties
  • Injured parties and plaintiffs

Opening Up Policy Limits For Our Clients

We work aggressively and diligently on your behalf to hold the insurance companies accountable for trying to shirk their duties. One of the ways to prevent insurance companies from avoiding their contractual obligations is to sue them for a failure to defend their insured. The failure to honor the insurance company's defense obligation can have ruinous effects on its insureds. However, an improper failure to defend by exposes the insurance company to liability, even beyond the insurance policy limits. We can help clients navigate the treacherous waters of obtaining a complete and prompt defense where appropriate and remedying an improper failure to defend.

Our firm's entire practice focuses on insurance companies and their failures to live up to their obligations. We regularly provide our clients, attorneys and lay people alike, with comprehensive strategies informed by the latest developments in insurance law. We know how the insurance companies operate, and we can help you know, too.

Contact An Oakland Attorney To Enforce Defense Obligations

If you wish to speak with a lawyer about suing an insurance company for its failure to defend you, San Francisco attorney Rebecca Grey can be reached online or by calling 415-766-0653. During a free and completely confidential initial consultation, our firm can help you understand your legal options and how we can help you achieve your legal goals.