Suspect You Are Under Insurance Company Surveillance?

For people who are suffering from a disability, whether they are seeking a short-term or long-term disability claim, the daily struggle of getting through the day is hard enough. However, having to be afraid of being under surveillance companies is an unnecessary and additional worry. The smallest task outside or trip to the grocery store could be construed in the wrong light or used in an attempt by insurance companies against you. This is an increasingly growing issue with the use of cellphones and smartphones that can easily be used by an insurance company employee or other company hired to surfeit an insured.

If you are concerned about being under surveillance or know that you have been under surveillance, it is important (if you have not already) that you seek the experienced counsel of an insurance lawyer. At The Grey Law Firm, PC, in San Francisco, California, our seasoned attorneys are focused entirely on helping people fight insurance companies. Our goal is to help those who are being taken advantage of by insurance companies. Our founding attorney Rebecca Grey has over two decades of experience in doing just that. She is not afraid of standing up to big insurance companies and corporations as she has extensive skills and knowledge in this area of the law. Talk to her and our law firm today to discuss your potential surveillance issue.

How Can Surveillance By Insurance Companies Be Legal?

One of the first questions clients ask is whether the surveillance is even legal by insurance companies. The answer, unfortunately, is that in almost all cases it is legal. That is because insurance companies will often do these surveillance tactics in public areas. Anytime you are in a public setting, it is free range for surveillance.

While there are not many ways that an attorney can respond to surveillance, at the very least we can make sure you are not being harassed. Especially if your medical condition is being aggravated by the stress of surveillance. Our attorneys can seek an injunction or desist order on your behalf if you feel distressed or threatened by insurance company surveillance actions.

Prevention of incriminating surveillance is one of the most important things you can do as an insured or someone seeking disability. Be smart in your actions as you are in the public domain. While you may not think something you are doing is incriminating, the insurance company will be seeking to do everything they can to use the video in their favor.

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