"Rebecca was a great advocate for me during a very low period in my life. I was recently disabled, and my insurance company denied my claim, leaving me with no way to support myself or to start over. She was helpful right from the start--listening, giving advice, and working hard to make the insurance company honor its commitment. She took very good care of me and fought like a dog to expose the hypocrisy of UNUM, whose system was clearly created to deny legitimate claims. I was very pleased with the final result.

It's important to have a strong, comforting advocate on your side during a difficult time. Although the process was long and unpleasant, I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who must go through it!"

-Nancy Bruder, 2/2/2014, Yelp

"When CNA, the long term care insurance company my husband and I had paid premiums to for years, refused to cover his stay in a residential facility, I did not know what to do or where to turn. Luckily, I found The Grey Law Firm. Rebecca not only negotiated a fair settlement to cover his stay, but she also cared about me and my family. It's rare to find someone who is such a fierce advocate with such a kind heart."

-Michelle Hammack, 7/31/2013, Email

"Don't let Ms. Grey's friendly photo fool you. She's tough! Just as important for an insurance lawyer, she's tenacious and methodical. Behind her smile is a lawyer who doesn't back down from insurance companies. As a person who has long term health care issues, I wouldn't entrust my disability case to anyone else! If you are looking for a health insurance expert or have legal questions about your insurance, Rebecca Grey should be your first choice."

-John Clarkson, 12/2/12 , Google+

"Rebecca helped me with a disability debacle and without her I would have been lost. She made the muck of insurance legalese clear and worked tirelessly to keep my fighting spirit high and the odds in my favor. Most important, she genuinely cared about me and got to know both me and my wife as we battled A Piece of the Rock. The outcome? Well, you know how these things are, one can never say much out lout, but I walked away happy and a bit flabbergasted that things worked out the way they did. If you need representation, you can't do no better!"

-Jeff Shattuck, 12/4/12, Google+

"Rebecca Grey is not only a genius you can trust to defend you against malicious insurance companies, but she is also a real human being with a sense of humor and empathy. She is expert in ERISA litigation and denial of benefit claims as I have had to find out the hard way. If needed, I would use her services again in a heartbeat and would feel completely comfortable going up against Moby Dick Inc if they were to deny my claim or attempt to reduce my benefits. You cannot find a more competent and easy to work with tough lawyer anywhere. She also knows how to do her homework and get the job done right the first time--no need to revisit old issues or drag in more consultants. She is the real deal."

-David Finkelstein, 11/30/12, Google+

"I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca earlier this year. I don't have enough great things to say about her. She is professional, prompt, positive, experienced, easily adaptable, and thinks outside of the box to make things happen. My experience with her was so positive that I wish I could work with her everyday. I will use her in the future. I highly recommend Rebecca!"

-Julaine Johnson, 12/3/13, Google+

"Rebecca is more than just an amazing and effective lawyer, she is a supportive partner who is a delight to work with. Its been at least 7 years since my law suit and I still recall feeling that her support and guidance made everything less painful and stressful. I trusted her impeccably which allowed me to relax and focus on what was important. I wish I had her around to help me with all of life's battles!"

-Barbara Bylenga, 8/15/13, Google+

"My experience with attorneys is varied and extensive, but the best by far was with Rebecca Grey at Pillsbury and Levinson. This firm is very specialized and has an intimate, personal feel for the client that belies the power and advocacy they project. I was thrilled to have Rebecca represent me against a large corporation that tried to screw me as a sole practitioner no longer able to practice medicine. Rebecca was reassuring, thoroughly prepared and tough as nails against the defendant and before the judge. I would use Rebecca and her firm again in a heartbeat if cheated by another insurance company. You cannot find a better partner when your livelihood is on the line."

-David F., 5/25/2012

"Pillsbury & Levinson helped me IMMENSELY with my disability insurance. My lawyer was Rebecca Grey and if you need representation to help you battle an evil health insurance company, Rebecca is incredible. Further, she never talks down to you or hides behind complex language; everything is explained clearly. Last, she really knows the world of health insurance claims, knows who's who and who can help vs. who can hurt. Wait, one more thing, people in the legal world WANT to work with Rebecca, they trust her and know how capable she is. And the insurance companies fear her."

-Jeff S., 5/24/2012

"Rebecca Grey of Pillsbury & Levinson specializes in representing individual insurance policy holders. Ms. Grey helped me to interpret several of my disability insurance policies. She was exceptionally responsive in providing answers to my questions; her analysis was spot-on and incisive; and, she provided clear interpretations that a layperson could understand. My reimbursement from an insurance company was corrected and improved based on her analysis and advice for course of action. Should I require an attorney for a more formal legal action within her specialty, I would definitely choose Ms. Grey as my representative. I can very highly recommend her."

- S R., 5/30/2012