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The frustration of working with LTD insurers

It’s no secret that long term disability insurance companies do things in frustrating ways when it comes to reviewing and paying out claims. You would think that jerking around your customer base would be a recipe for disaster. It’s quite the opposite with insurers. Sadly, denying legitimate claims is standard operating procedure for many companies that put profits over their own customer well-being.

Why? Just follow the money. If an insurer can get you to believe that they are battling a dysfunctional (yet impenetrable) barricade of adjusters, reviewers and other meaningless bureaucrats who don’t give a damn about your pain, your inability to work or to make ends meet, chances are that you will simply give up on benefits that you are legally entitled to and go away. If that happens, no money is paid out, and the insurer makes money. Simple as that.

There’s a number of ways that an insurer can frustrate you into submission, including:

  • Denying obvious, valid claims to test the waters
  • Hiring doctors who value the insurer’s checks more than doing right by injured claimants
  • “Losing” paperwork
  • Using complex ERISA rules to delay the process of a claim

Essentially, they know that few people have the personality and legal acumen to fight through some of frustrating nonsense they dole out. So once you throw up your hands in frustration and talk about giving up, just know that the insurance carrier has you right where it wants you. But that’s not the end of the story. Having a dedicated disability law attorney at your side is the key to breaking through the barrier to get what’s rightfully yours.  I have the skill and temperament to hold them accountable.

If you have questions about how I can help, I’d love to talk with you.  

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