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Two reports that can make or break your LTD claim

Long term disability (LTD) insurers may advertise that they’re always there for injured workers, but I know that’s just commercialized double-talk. Their true goal is to be profitable for shareholders; and they won’t think twice about screwing over vulnerable claimants (like you) to maximize their profit margins.

So if you’re submitting an LTD claim or an appeal, know that the insurer may not have your best interests at heart; especially when it comes to interpreting reports that form the basis for your claim. This post will highlight to critical reports and why they can’t be ignored. 

Functional capacity evaluation report – This report, prepared by a physical therapist, is designed to measure your ability to perform common job related tasks such as lifting, pulling, standing and sitting. This report is helpful in providing objective evidence of your restrictions and your true ability to work. 

Vocational expert report – After measuring your abilities, a vocational expert will create a separate report to evaluate your claim to determine if there are appropriate jobs for your abilities. Remember, the insurance company is in the business of making money, and they don’t make money if they don’t deny claims. So don’t be surprised if your insurer does a piss poor job of evaluating your abilities or completely ignores objective evidence of your restrictions. As such, chances are that you will have to obtain your own expert report to challenge the insurer’s findings.

The apathy that insurers show to well-meaning claimants is stunning at times. That’s why I’m so passionate about securing benefits for my clients. If you have questions about a denied LTD claim or appeal, I would like to hear from you. 

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