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Can I hire an attorney to manage my initial claim?

From time to time we are asked about when is the right time to hire an attorney for assistance with long term disability claims. This is probably because they have been led to believe that a claim must be denied before a disability rights lawyer can help.

Fortunately for you, it’s never too early to hire a skilled attorney to help you with your claim. In fact, an insurer would rather have you strike out on your own so you can strike out on your claim, thereby limiting your ability to recover what you are legally entitled to. With that, this post will focus on how we can protect your interests. 

Managing your initial claim for benefits – Like other areas of law, having an attorney involved early in the process is beneficial. After all, insurers design forms and questionnaires to elicit answers that can form the basis for a denial. As a claimant you won’t know this, but a lawyer can help you understand the traps that can befall your claim. Our office can help you understand the information that must be included, including supportive recommendations from your physicians and detailed narratives about your work limitations.

Handle correspondence during administration – Having our office handle all the communications with the insurer can alleviate concerns about missing information or incorrectly prepared documents; two tricks that insurers use to deny or delay proper claims. With calls and letters coming to our office, we can short circuit the games insurers play so that your benefits stay intact.

If you have additional questions about how we can help, we invite you to contact us.


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